6 Technologies We'll Be Wearing This Year


These might look like ordinary sunglasses, but inside the $199 Kudu is an HD camera built in that can record an hour of 1,080p video and audio. And for $100 more, maker Pivothead this fall will add the ability to stream live video from its wearable imaging equipment directly to the Web. Accessories include prescription lenses, hot-swap batteries and wireless storage. Beyond their entertainment value for families and Youtubers, the company envisions wide adoption for law enforcement as a replacement for the dashcam; among field-service organizations, which could reserve senior-level technicians for the back end to assist junior staff in the field; and for athletes. "I could see sports teams offering fans access to the 'Manning-cam' or to see and hear what it's like when a pitcher warms up," said Zach Barbitta, the company's U.S. director of operations.

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