10 Examples Of VMware's Lofty Cloud Ambitions

VMware Steps Up Its Cloud Infrastructure Game

VMware holds a commanding lead in the enterprise virtualization space, and it's now trying to parlay this into a dominant position in cloud computing. With its mid-July cloud infrastructure stack updates, VMware provides tangible evidence of how it intends to achieve this goal. VMware has significantly expanded the performance and scalability of vSphere's virtual machines -- introducing the concept of "monster VMs" -- and it's also proclaiming dramatic improvements to virtualization storage and management. With these technology advances, VMware is looking to blast away the remaining barriers to virtualizing tier one business applications and get partners and customers on a fast track to the cloud. The stage is now set from a technology standpoint -- now it’s up to the VMware marketing team to show customers and partners that the sooner they move to the cloud, the better. Following are 10 quotes from VMware executives that show how the Palo Alto, Calif.-based company intends to become just as synonymous with cloud computing as it is with virtualization.

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