Exclusive: HP's Donatelli On Dell, Cisco And Partner Profitability

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Can you talk about the changes with new tools to help partners go up against Dell in servers?

We have made significant progress on the tools front, and we have more progress coming. So we actually just did an internal review the other day on this and you'll see things like quoting [tools], pricing [tools]; all things that will lead to speed and agility in terms of selling servers have improved. We believe we are going to make significant improvement over the short term. And a lot of these tools we have already previewed with our partners. And the good news is they are starting to come out.

In the volume side of the business, we have made enhancements to our pricing and into our channel programs to speed the velocity of those products through the channel. Again, many of those changes just rolled out within the last two weeks. So they are very new. But we see encouraging signs, and we are looking forward to tracking their progress.

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