CRN Exclusive: HP's Whitman On Enterprise Group Issues, Street Fight With Cisco And EMC

Any constructive criticism of the channel with regard to areas you feel are not up to snuff?

Listen, I hold the channel in incredibly high regard. These are independent businesses that are fighting everyday to improve their profitability. They do eat what they kill. I mean I have huge admiration for that.

I think they are missing an opportunity in 3Par. 3Par grew 87 percent year over year. The mid-tier storage product is on fire. I think they are missing an opportunity in networking. I think they are missing an opportunity in our rack and tower [servers]. This is a transactional business. We ought to be selling more rack and tower [servers] through the channel.

So I think they could be just a little bit more aggressive looking at things, understanding the full Hewlett -Packard portfolio and looking for opportunities, to not cannibalize their existing sales, but actually grow their existing sales.


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