HP CEO Meg Whitman: 10 Signs HP's Turnaround Is On Track

A Renewed Spirit

There is a "renewed sense of spirit and determination" among the company's 275,000-plus employees, said Whitman. "Our employees call it the will to win,” she said. What's more, Whitman said, HP customers are cheering for the company to succeed. "They want us to win," she said. "They value the products and the services that we provide. They have made enormous historical investments in HP technology, and they really appreciate our role in driving innovation and defining the marketplace particularly in an industry where they see consolidation. They value our opportunity to operate in a heterogeneous environment and our embrace of an open standards approach. So this gives me tremendous optimism despite all the challenges that we face and all the challenges that we deeply understand. In short, I have real confidence that we are headed in the right direction, that we will turn this company around."


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