Review: Hewlett-Packard's Next-Gen Z620 Workstation

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The Bottom Line

HP has kept much of what the CRN Test Center liked about prior versions of its venerable workstation, namely its ease of service. The lockable side panel is removed with the flip of a lever to expose processors, DIMM slots, storage, expansion cards, power supply and many other internal components that can be serviced without tools. As before, the second processor slot is implemented as a daughtercard (complete with memory and fan), but it's now far easier to remove and more precise to reinstall. The Z620's internals truly are a masterpiece of engineering.

Despite its anomalous Geekbench results, the latest-gen HP Z620 Workstation delivers outstanding performance benchmarks overall. This machine is built to be easy to service and upgrade and delivers consistent performance for video production, computer-aided design and any application that demands ultra-high performance from a small footprint PC. List prices start at $1,689 with a three-year warranty.

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