Server Wars: Solution Provider Takes on Dell, HP

I/O Off The Charts

We've already hinted at the SR-71mach4's ability to process transactions; in 2011 it was handling more than a million I/Os per second. This year's model raises that bar by more than 12 percent, with a sustained rate of 1.124 million IOps (circled). The next closest system to come through the Test Center was the Dell PowerEdge R720, which still holds the record for the highest Geekbench score (40,250) but topped out at 311 IOps.

To be fair, the R720 was tested against a single RAID array. Dell's server likely would have delivered greater I/O performance if equipped similarly to the SR-71, which sustained a throughput of 4,391 MBps and average response time (latency) of less than one millisecond. "The latency of spinning hard disks, in general, is around two milliseconds," said Josephson, "so with a latency of just 37 microseconds, our systems are great for companies that can benefit from high performance but don't want to spend the money on four racks full of spinning hard-drive arrays." The SpeedServer drew less than 400 watts during all tests.


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