Server Wars: Solution Provider Takes on Dell, HP

'No Magic Required'

ION's been building high-performance servers and storage systems for more than 22 years, typically selling direct to manufacturers, financial institutions, and air and space agencies. "We'd like to add more resellers," said Josephson. The server has broad appeal both for on-premise and cloud deployment. "Low latency means that any app can get great performance with other clients over [a LAN] without any special tuning. For large applications, [it] could scan through gigabytes of data very quickly and then spit out the megabyte-sized answer back to the user though the cloud," he said. Most of ION's techniques are well known. "When we initially format the drives, we allocate about 80 percent of available space for storage and leave the rest alone. The drive uses the remaining space for wear-leveling and keeps write performance from degrading over time." The tested SpeedServer has a retail price of about $47K, yet delivers performance on par with more expensive storage arrays. "You can set up a Windows server--something everybody knows how to do--plus some 10-Gbit networking gear and get great performance with no magic required."

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