Lenovo Exec Says Naysayers Attacking IBM x86 Deal Are 'Dreaming'

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Lot To Love About Lenovo

Lenovo CTO Peter Hortensius says naysayers who doubt his company's ability to spin IBM's x86 business into gold are "dreaming." The Lenovo executive added, with the IBM purchase its channel partners are in the catbird seat when it comes to being free to work with cloud and service providers of their choosing -- and are not locked in with one vendor who says they are open.

CRN spoke with Hortensius on Thursday, the same week rival Hewlett-Packard held its partner conference in Las Vegas, where the company outlined its plans to tear into IBM's x86 server division and "pounce on IBM-Lenovo Instability." Hortensius, who was central to hammering out Lenovo's purchase of IBM's x86 business, discussed the genesis of the deal and what channel partners can expect once it is finalized.

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