Lenovo Exec Says Naysayers Attacking IBM x86 Deal Are 'Dreaming'

Two of the biggest shifts in the IT landscape are moves by solution providers and customers toward services and cloud. How can partners succeed with Lenovo with neither a part of your core portfolio?

You have to take a look at who Lenovo is today. Lenovo today has 1 percent market share. Lenovo, the second this deal closes, is a 14 percent market share company. Obviously, my relationships with the industry will be very different overnight. And I think that's part of what people need to understand. In China, where we have a more relevant market share, you will see us engaged with the relevant cloud providers and solution providers. Mirroring that success here in the U.S. is really a matter of maturity, openness and scale of our business. The real opportunity for partners is not being locked into only one solution. If you talk with any of those other big competitors, they claim they are open, but trust me, there is only one solution that they prefer you buy.


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