VAR Takes Customers Out To The Old Ballgame

One solution provider has found a way to help build solid customer relationships while enjoying one of his favorite pastimes. After all, who doesn't love an afternoon at a ballgame?

10 Supercomputers That Will Blow Your Mind

With the advent of IBM's Roadrunner, it's time to look at some of the supercomputing machines that are processing calculations at seemingly impossible speeds.

Vendors Show Midmarket Solutions At Midsize Enterprise Summit Europe

Here's a roundup of the vendors that made it out to the Midsize Enterprise Summit in Barcelona, and what solutions and services they were offering to midsize enterprise IT executives.

CA To Release A Business Intelligence Solution For ARCserve and XOsoft

CA is unveiling a business intelligence tool for XOSoft that aims to simplify troubleshooting backup and replication systems throughout large organizations. The BI application includes helpful analytics that identify trends and problems with devices.

John Thompson On The Changing Face Of Security

Symantec's chairman and CEO, discusses coming developments in security integration, Microsoft's aggressive security patents, changes to the Altiris endpoint management and service platform, and much more.

Browser War: Firefox 3 Versus IE 8 Beta

With the release of Mozilla's Firefox 3.0 browser, which spent seven months in beta testing, the upstart group of developers is taking on Microsoft's Internet Explorer on several fronts: Security, ease of use and performance.

Future Tech: Scenes From Research@Intel Day

Intel offers a glimpse of tomorrow's technology at its annual R&D demo, highlighting everything from ray tracing graphics to robot bartenders.

Broadcom's Digital Home Of The Future

From streaming high-def video from your cell phone to your flat screen, to playing a wireless electric guitar, here's some of the things we might see in the All-American home in the not-too-distant future.

Nokia Hits Enterprise With New Smartphones

Nokia introduced two new smartphones that feature a mix of enterprise features with stylish good looks. Here's what the new E71 and E66 bring to the table.

D&H Mid-Atlantic Show: Scenes From Chocolate Town

Hershey is known as Chocolate Town, but it's also the place where the D&H Mid-Atlantic Dealer Show is held, with more than 1,000 solution providers and 150 vendors attending this year. Here's what we saw:

The Hottest Companies In The Midmarket Right Now

ChannelWeb give you the down and dirty details on the best companies -- and their products -- for the midmarket.

Explore The World Without Wires Virtual Tradeshow

On June 12, Everything Channel launched its virtual tradeshow, World Without Wires. Highlights from the day-long show included a fireside chat between Robert Faletra, CEO of Everything Channel, and Steve Dallman, Intel's global channel chief, as well as presentations from vendors such as Cisco/Linksys and Lenovo.

D&H Dealer Show: Products You're Unlikely To Find Anywhere Else

At D&H Distributing's annual Technology Show show, held last week, many of the manufacturers are smaller companies, new to the channel, and offering products that are not likely to be found through other major distributors.

Bill Gates: Should He Stay Or Should He Go?

Gates is departing Microsoft, but is this a good thing? ChannelWeb examines 10 reasons why Gates should stay, and 10 reasons why he needs to hit the road, Jack.

Scenes From HP's 'Connecting Your World' In Berlin

HP descended on Berlin with new products, environmental initiatives and even a seven-piece band. Here's a look at the sights from this year's conference.

Symantec's Vision: Integrating Storage Across The Board

Symantec Vision 2008, held this week in Las Vegas, is a chance for the vendor to talk integration on multiple levels across the company's product line.

Trick Out Your New iPhone 2.0 With These Web Apps

Your new Apple iPhone just wouldn't be complete if you didn't have a slew of slick new Web apps to show off to your jealous friends.

Beep Beep: IBM Roadrunner Breaks Petaflop Record

Built, tested and benchmarked at IBM's Poughkeepsie, N.Y. plant, Roadrunner will perform calculations that will vastly improve the ability to certify the reliability of the U.S. nuclear weapons stockpile.

Slide Show: 25 Hot Father's Day Gifts For 'Techie' Dads

Father's Day comes but once a year. Here we've compiled some of the top gifts for geeky dads.

Apple's $199 3G iPhone, Due July 11, Wows The Faithful

Apple CEO Steve Jobs unveils the 3G iPhone at this year's WWDC in San Francisco.

Digital Cameras For The YouTube Craze

The Flip Mino makes online video even easier to post to YouTube, but other camera manufacturers are still part of the fray.

Behind The Scenes Of The 2008 NBA Finals

As the Los Angeles Lakers and the Boston Celtics faced off in the first game of the 2008 NBA Finals, ChannelWeb got a back-stage pass to view the technology behind the game. Here are some of the sights from the sidelines.

The Departed: 2008 Big Year (So Far) For Executive Exits

Here we take a look at some of the key executives that have left or announced plans to leave their posts in 2008.

Scenes From The VARBusiness 500 Conference And Awards

Solution providers and vendor partners hit New York to enjoy the camaraderie, insight, and recognition that went with VARBusiness 500 VIP Conference and Awards event.

Teamwork Wins: Pitino At The VARBusiness 500 Awards

Great teams aren't born, they're convinced. And self-esteem, careful listening and hard work are the key components, according to Rick Pitino. The head basketball coach at the University of Louisville shared his keys to success at Tuesday night's VARBusiness 500 awards.