2011 Need To Know: Security Vendors

Looking to jump into the security market? Check out CRN's list of the top technology vendors you should be rubbing elbows with.

Juniper's Sweet 16: Top Execs Driving The New Network

Juniper has made three major executive appointments this month, but it's part of a trend of hires dating back to the fall of 2007 that has essentially redefined the management and momentum of the company. Here's a look at 16 major executives powering Juniper's New Network vision.

CRN's Data Center 100: Part 1

Check out part one of CRN's Data Center 100 a listing of some of the top players in the space that solution providers should get to know.

CRN's Data Center 100: Part 2

Check out part two of CRN's Data Center 100, a listing of some of the top players in the space that solution providers should get to know.

10 Winners And Losers For 2010

CRN looks back at five companies that made questionable decisions that led to setbacks, and five companies that took chances and made moves that paid off in 2010.

Social Networking Security Threats: A Look At Sophos' Security Report

Social networking sites like Facebook are becoming the attack medium of choice for cybercriminals, according to Sophos' Security Threat Report 2011. Here we look at some recent findings.

Inside EMC's New VNXe Entry-Level Storage Array

EMC's VNXe and its Flex-based management puts iSCSI in the nubie's reach.

VAR500: Capgemini Hires, NWN Acquires, IBM Profits

Several VAR500 solution providers are reporting strong quarterly revenue growth, while others are pursuing acquisitions or adding employees.

10 Network Storage Technologies You Need To Know

While network storage is far from new, network storage technologies are still a crucial part of any data storage management strategy.

Scenes From EMC's Major Product Launch

EMC executives, including Joe Tucci, Jeremy Burton and Paul Gelsinger detailed the company's new storage portfolio.

15 Shining Examples Of Wacky CES Signage

CES 2011 offered the typical array of weird and wonderful marketing signage. CRN prowled the show floor and here presents a collection of the most offbeat and memorable examples.

EMC's Major Product Launch: From Entry-Level To Enterprise Storage

While EMC focused Tuesday's wide-ranging product launch on its VNX and VNXe SMB appliances, the company also unveiled new Data Domain deduplication appliances and new Symmetrix VMAX features.

EMC CEO Joe Tucci: 20 Tough Talking Points For 2011

EMC CEO Joe Tucci takes on the big issues of 2011 including competitors bullying partners, EMC's SMB storage offensive and the Dell partnership.

10 Game-Changing Networking Acquisitions Of 2010

From CenturyLink's pending mega-merger with Qwest through lots of activity from Cisco, HP, Juniper and Skype, the past year was flush with curious, and game-changing, M&A moves in the networking space.

BlackBerry In 2011: A Peek At 10 Products On RIM's Road Map

BlackBerry maker RIM gave a sneak peek at its 2011 product road map. Cloud computing, the PlayBook tablet and other new technologies will play a big role.

13 Strange Scenes From CES 2011

With CES 2011 in the books, CRN takes a look back at some of the odder products and general weirdness on the show floor in Las Vegas.

How To Build CRN's 2010 Ultimate PC

The CRN Test Center's step-by-step guide to building a super-fast PC from off-the-shelf components .

20 Memorably Pumped Up Cars, Trucks From CES 2011

CES 2011 included its usually stunning collection of customized cars and trucks with the latest audio and video technologies. CRN roamed the show floor and brings you some of the more memorable glimpses of fanatical automotive devotion we found at this year's event.

15 Hot PCs From CES 2011

Check out CRN's picks for the hottest PCs from CES 2011 in Las Vegas.

VAR500: GlassHouse, Virtualization Partner Get Tighter; NTT Buys Keane

VAR500 companies expanded into the areas of virtualization, mobility and CRM. Accenture, NTT, Deloitte, CDW and GlassHouse were all headline makers.

10 Most Significant Tech Acquisitions Of 2010

2010 saw high-tech powerhouses drop billions and billions of dollars acquiring companies to help build out their product portfolios and gain competitive leverage.

20 Coolest Products From CES 2011

CES 2011 was loaded with cool gadgets, 3D televisions and even "super phones." Check out CRN's picks for the 20 coolest products at the show.

15 Budget-Busting Flat-Panel Televisions From CES 2011

Flat-panel televisions are always one of the biggest attractions at CES, and this year's event featured products that will tempt people to break open their piggy banks.

10 Hot Emerging Vendors For January 2011

Each month, CRN highlights 10 hot new IT vendors you need to know about across various IT channel segments. Here are 10 emerging vendors for January 2011.

CES 2011 Storage Wrap: Hot New SSD, Cloud, SOHO NAS Products

SSDs, storage clouds, and new ways to store and serve digital content were evident throughout this year's Consumer Electronics Show and the Storage Visions conference, simultaneously held in Las Vegas.