10 Hot Security Products For Health Care

Eye Controls designs and markets iris recognition biometrics tools for clinical and medical settings. SafeMatch is its flagship software, and it's also building an active OEM, integrator and reseller program at a time when a number of vendors are entering the biometric security and safety markets with designs on the health care channel. SafeMatch is single sign-on and is activated when a patient looks into a camera, providing an audit trail and providing access to patient records, e-prescribing and other healthcare facility systems. Eye Controls' software can also pattern data to be linked to medication, transfusion and procedure verification systems, unique patient identifier records and master patient index numbers for RHIOs, HIEs and payer databases, as well as National Provider Identifier (NPI) databases, and checks for duplicated records. According to Eye Controls, it supports all medical software through a combination SafeMatch server and handheld USB camera installed on a the health-care facility network. Eye Controls also has a partner program for developers, providing an SDK to encourage app development on top of SafeMatch in electronic medical record systems.

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