10 Coolest Managed Services Offerings Of 2012 (So Far)

Kaseya Offers Industry Experts Program

Kaseya created its Industry Experts program to match MSPs with third-party business and technology executives. Currently, resources from eight companies and organizations are included: AntFarm, ClikCloud, Juran Institute, MSP University, MSP Sales Pro, The Taylor Business Group, Technology Marketing Toolkit and Transmentum. Free monthly Webinars and introductory discounts from vendors for their own products and services are included. Playing matchmaker between the parties, Kaseya hopes to help MSPs improve their businesses. Beyond the introduction and an initial discount from one of the Industry Expert firms, Kaseya will stay out of the picture, meaning that the relationship will be developed between the MSP and the firm, said Liz Lederer (left), vice president of global field marketing at Kaseya.

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