SMBs And Managed Services: 5 Key Capabilities For MSPs

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Data Redundancy

While many people think of data redundancies in the context of natural disasters, such as earthquakes or hurricanes, the need for such capability is often far more localized and specific to individual businesses. One key area in which managed services can solve problems for SMBs involves the ability to maintain redundancies that are frequently tested and validated. This, according to McCormick, is one of the areas where SMBs are frequently having business-threatening experiences.

"Maybe they've got redundant hard drives, and even a standalone tape drive. But in most cases, nobody within the customer ever checks to see if it's still working," he said. "Many people find out the backup system died after the primary system dies, but by then it's too late. Now you're down hard. Small failures become catastrophic because of a lapse in operational details. A managed service provider can replicate the data across multiple layers of redundancy."

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