SMBs And Managed Services: 5 Key Capabilities For MSPs


"Customers want to be able to allow their people to bring their own devices, but they also need to control their data," said McCormick. "But once they allow that to happen, the corporate data is now on someone else's personal device. MSPs need to have control panels that can be very useful in reducing the risks associated with data walking away. Basic examples include a template that can be pushed to the devices that can increase the level of security. Our template can lock the device after a specified time of unused -- usually about two minutes. But locking it is not enough. It's also important to be able to remotely wipe the device in the event that the unit is lost. BYOD can add a lot of efficiency for your business, but it needs to be handled the right way, and most SMBs aren't especially familiar with how to do that."

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