SMBs And Managed Services: 5 Key Capabilities For MSPs

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Data Security

Security has emerged as one of the biggest threats to SMBs, and criminals often target SMBs because they are often easier to penetrate and can be frequently used as a front door to access larger targets. Given the constantly evolving threat landscape, keeping up with the risks often requires more focus and expertise than is usually available. Thus, McCormick recommends that managed security services be offered as a means of raising the customers' security game.

"One of the biggest mistakes involves something as simple as not doing the necessary patching," he said. "Oftentimes the biggest exploits and most notable security incidents are traced back to a system that was way behind on patching, or was otherwise not getting security updates. Then the hackers find a way into that system and use it as a launch pad to pull off a bigger exploit. Good security is more than just setting up a firewall. It's important to have proper security capabilities."

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