'Shark Tank' Entrepreneur: 20 Secrets To Surviving Vicious IT Waters

Make Sure Customers Understand The High Return On IT Investment

IT has actually been one of the reasons that the S&P 500 has driven the highest cash flows in history. We had the biggest [S&P 500] earnings ever last year and at least 20 percent of that is due to IT. Numbers tell the story. For all of the pessimism around business, we have had the best earnings in history and 20 percent of that came from implementation of good IT with product associated with it. There is a huge upside [for IT service providers)]as we move to the cloud with implementation, training, merging IT with HR. These are all big deals. It is a whole new world that is coming. And customers are willing to pay more. I actually see margins going up in this [IT services] space -- not going down.


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