'Shark Tank' Entrepreneur: 20 Secrets To Surviving Vicious IT Waters

Cherish And Reward American Entrepreneurialism

I think the pendulum has swung in the wrong direction. I look at a state like the one I am standing in right now -- California -- this is a very hard place to start a new company. As we move into another political environment and go through the next election, I am agnostic to party. But what I am saying is the administration that we elect should be the one that is talking about a very strong priority in making business in America one of their top agenda items. What we all keep forgetting is that all of the things that we do here come from small companies becoming large ones, all the jobs come from small companies becoming large ones. All of the funding from government comes from the taxation of the private sector. We are not supporting it enough. The pendulum has swung to where we have vilified business.


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