'Shark Tank' Entrepreneur: 20 Secrets To Surviving Vicious IT Waters

Don't Tax Software And Services Innovation

I am very unhappy with the [new Massachusetts 6.25 percent tax on software and services] . Boston is one of the hotbeds of innovation. Hyperion, a mobile application company I am invested in, is in Boston. I would rather see the Massachusetts government cut spending than start taxing the innovation we have. Boston and technology have been hand in hand for decades. We have some of the hottest startups coming out of MIT and Harvard. Why are we putting a shackle on them? Why are we putting a ball and chain on them? Why are we making them less competitive than their West Coast counterparts? I am against it -- 100 percent against it. This [software and services] sector is one of the most important for the entire economy for Massachusetts and we are penalizing them this way. Of course it's a mistake.


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