The 10 Biggest Managed Services Stories Of 2013

3. Kaseya Eyes Cloud, MDM With New Acquisitions

Kaseya clearly had its eyes set on cloud and mobile device management in July as it acquired cloud software and services vendor Zyrion as well as Rover Apps, a software maker that specializes in mobile device management for BYOD. Both companies were acquired for an undisclosed amount. With the acquisition of Zyrion, Kaseya said it planned to combine Zyrion's Traverse monitoring software with its own systems management software for both public and private clouds, which it upgraded to a SaaS offering in October. At the time, Kaseya said it also planned to integrate Rover Apps' Secure Container Suite for mobile devices with its systems management software, and in December, the company rolled out the Kaseya BYOD Suite, an enterprise-class platform for corporate mobile device management based on the technology it gained from its Rover Apps acquisition.

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