Q&A: CompuCom CEO Talks Cloud, Mobility And Recurring Revenue

With all of these solutions, how are you packaging services around that? How do you approach that and are you seeing a lot of growth?

You hit on what's probably one of the unique things about us and how we do things so differently. CompuCom started as a hardware reseller and our services business is of equal size. In getting the company to where it is, those two business units were run pretty independently, a product side and a service side. Of course, our product side is agnostic and has deep reach into all of the OEMs, which is [a differentiator] in itself. As we've looked over last 12 months in our portfolio, what we see is we really manage the full life cycle of infrastructure. We procure hardware, we configure hardware with clients' own devices and other manufacturer's devices, we configure software and then we deploy.

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