Panasonic's Rx For Health-Care VARs: Toughbook H1

Panasonic last November unveiled the Toughbook H1, the latest addition to its family of Toughbook computers, geared specifically to health-care settings. Given that health care is such a hot vertical market for solution providers in 2009, it's no surprise that demand for the devices, which began shipping in February, has been strong.

"It's a true health-care device," said Jeff Hand, vice president of sales at Howard Medical, an Ellisville, Miss.-based solution provider. "This is a health-care-specific product that takes full advantage of Intel's MCA [Mobile Clinical Assistant, see next slide] and is unlike any old business device that's been modified for health care. That right there is a sales point for us." asked Greg Davidson, senior health-care business development manager at Panasonic's Computer Solutions Company, to take us through the specifics. Panasonic has taken the H1 on a national road show for Panasonic VARs and health-care end users, which stopped in New York in late February.

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