The 10 Coolest Smartphones Of 2009

Launched: Oct. 28

The first BlackBerry Storm was supposed to be an all-out triumph for Research In Motion, but the reviews were mixed at best, and no sooner did the original Storm launch than many longtime RIM observers were already looking ahead to the next generation of the device, saying that RIM and Storm's carrier, Verizon, had rushed out a product that needed a few more months in the lab.

The Storm2, which launched this fall, tipped the scales back in favor of BlackBerry fans. For starters, it doubled the original Storm's memory in every area, from onboard media to flash, and retains most of what was good about the first Storm, with a slightly larger form factor, while updating the BlackBerry OS to the snazzy Version 5. Most importantly, however, is the Storm2's improved touch screen, which uses the SurePress technology but instead of the Storm's single button offers separate switches for each quadrant to improve usability. It's a winner.