HP TouchPad And Other Doomed Devices: 10 Mobile Flops And Failures

Palm Foleo

Panned by some, loved by others, the Palm Foleo was a flash in the pan that was given a mercy killing before even really hitting the market. With the Foleo, Palm essentially made a laptop for your smartphone. Dubbed a companion to the Palm Treo and other devices, the Foleo was a laptop-like device to which users tethered their smartphone. The Foleo connected to a Treo via Bluetooth for one-button e-mail syncing, providing a larger, laptop-sized screen on which to view mobile e-mail. It boasted a 10.2-inch screen, full keyboard, instant turn-on and battery life. But the Palm Foleo was destined to flop, as it came at a time when mobile users were looking to reduce the number of devices they carry, not add another one to the mix. The Palm Foleo was announced on May 30, 2007 and development was cancelled on Sept. 4, 2007.

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