The 10 Ugliest Gadgets Of The Last 10 Years

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Sony Tablet P

There was a time when Sony was the gold standard for consumer electronics and gadgets. Now the former tech powerhouse is a company in turmoil, and even the simplest form factors seem to elude it. Take the Sony Tablet P; aside from the unfortunate name, Sony bestowed a truly baffling design for this "tablet" by splitting it in half with a dual-screen clamshell case.

The result? When held lengthwise, the device's dual screens display two narrow ebook pages. When held horizontally, meanwhile, its screens combine to form a larger display -- but with a thick, unnecessary bezel right smack in the middle of the viewing experience. And, that's if your apps and videos can use both screens -- which some don't. Sony needlessly tinkered with the already elegant tablet form factor. Let's close this clamshell, shall we?


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