The 10 Ugliest Gadgets Of The Last 10 Years

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Motorola Aura

Motorola has made a number of great-looking smartphones and mobile devices over the years (and yes, we include pagers in that group -- they absolutely owned that market!). But the Aura is not one of them. In fact, it's one of the ugliest looking phones ever designed. You can find a great many ugly add-on cases that will cover an otherwise attractive phone, sure. But, to have a base design this ugly is another matter.

The Motorola Aura looks like a mix between a Star Trek communicator and a needlessly futuristic-designed item found in a Sharper Image catalog. Forget the outrageous price tag ($2,000!!!) or the fact that it's made with expensive materials. This luxury phone is simply unsexy, from the exterior design that makes it resemble anything but a phone to the ominous-looking red globe that dominates the device. Sure, the craftsmanship and stainless steel case are nice -- if you wanted a jewelry case or a pocket watch. But if a guy in a suit were to take this out of his pocket, you might think he was from "Men In Black" and attempting to erase your memory.


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