The 10 Ugliest Gadgets Of The Last 10 Years

DSP Technology Bluetooth Steering Wheel Speaker

The hands-free, steering wheel-attached speakerphone movement is a thing of the past, and while it was a relatively short-lived fad, it did produce some ugly products. Take the DSP Technology Bluetooth Auto Steering Wheel Hands Free Speakerphone Kit, for example. The cumbersome device was far too large to be convenient for drivers hoping to actually have two hands on the wheel; it wrapped around your steering wheel with a thick band, obstructing most dashboard readings. The device also featured an incredibly narrow and barely visible digital screen in the middle, with a tiny on/off button above it. Why the device was designed to be this large is a mystery, but we're glad that few people are driving around with what looks like a huge, black lima bean attached to their wheel.

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