CRN 30th Anniversary: 10 Computer Ads From The Early 1980s

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Hello Lisa

Last but not least, we have Apple's Lisa. Released in 1983 at a hefty price tag of $9,995 (some things never change, huh?), Lisa was considered a commercial failure and is remembered by many for one simple reason: Apple moved Steve Jobs off the Lisa development team in 1981, so he joined the Macintosh development team and helped polish the now-famous computer.

The Macintosh's predecessor is noteworthy, too, for being the first commercial computer with a graphical user interface, the Apple Lisa GUI operating system. Despite having advanced features like protected memory, a numeric keypad and a document-centric operating system, Lisa was too expensive for the average user. Nevertheless, the Lisa was an important chapter in Apple's history, and with this ad, you get a taste of the kind of bravado that would become familiar with Apple's marketing.

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