CRN 30th Anniversary: 10 Computer Ads From The Early 1980s

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Geneva Convention

We know Epson today primarily for its peripheral products like laser printers and projectors, but the Japanese technology maker had a significant PC business in the early 80s. Take the Epson Geneva PX-8, yet another "portable computer" aimed at traveling business people.

Released in 1984, the Geneva PX-8 was different from other portable computers at the time. For one, the Geneva had a built-in microcassette tape drive for storage, making the computer look like an oversized tape deck. The microcassette drive could also be used to play music or audio recordings. Epson's portable computer had no internal disk drive but cost a mere $995. While the Geneva PX-8 didn't sell well, you can see the beginnings of the traditional notebook PC form factor in its design.


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