Kindle Fire HD Vs. Nexus 7 Vs. The New iPad

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Tablet-War Crossfire

Amazon's introduction Thursday of the Kindle Fire HD opened two new fronts in the tablet wars. The 8.9-inch Kindle Fire HD is expected to compete with Apple's new iPad, and the Kindle Fire HD 7-inch model will do battle with Google's Nexus 7.

Unlike other high-profile tablet launches we've seen recently, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos emphasized equally the power of the device itself and its utility as a portal to Amazon's massive content library. This strategy reminds us that the success of Apple's iPod was not in the device itself but in the iTunes service, which provided a cheap, easy and legal avenue to content. With the release of its two most powerful tablets to date, Amazon puts itself squarely in the tablet-war crossfire between Apple and Google. Here's a look at how Amazon's 8.9- and 7-inch devices stack up to the new iPad and Nexus 7.

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