Gorgeous Gadgets: 10 Best-Looking Nonmobile Products Of The Past 10 Years

LG 31-inch AMOLED Display

Once billed as the world's thinnest OLED flat panel display (it may still be depending on whom you ask), LG showed off this beauty at CES 2011. The 31-inch OLED display is just 2.9mm thick, meaning if conference goers weren't careful, they could miss the luxurious flat panel (for a look at LG's OLED from the side, check out this picture from CES 2011). Not only is the display thin, but LG's 31-inch OLED boasts a barely noticeable bezel, making the display virtually all picture and no distraction. While LG introduced larger OLEDs this year, the 31-inch display still takes the cake.


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