The 7 Coolest Features Of The Apple iPhone 5

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Thin Is In

The sixth-generation iPhone will shed its boxy edges and take on a sleek look with curved edges more like the devices of arch-rival Samsung. In addition to the thinner profile afforded by its 28nm processor (the iPhone 4 uses 45nm), the iPhone 5 supplements its svelte stature with a two-layer display instead of three. Prior iPhone models employ a top-most layer of durable glass, under which sits the touch-sensitive layer, and finally the LCD. In the iPhone 5, the LCD and touch layers are combined in a single layer, reducing the smartphone's overall thickness.

We don't think that people apart from the true believers will upgrade simply for the new look and feel. However, considering the devices that have come along since 2007, Apple's design was getting a bit long in the tooth; it was clearly time for a footprint overhaul.

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