The 7 Coolest Features Of The Apple iPhone 5

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New Dock Port

The new iPhone will not use the same dock port as any of the previous iPhones but will switch to a smaller, all digital design. This so-called Lightning port features a durable, reversible connector with eight signaling channels, which eliminates worries (and damage) from cable orientation. Though technically superior, this change, along with relocation of the headphone jack to the iPhone's bottom, is bound to annoy a lot of people -- and potential upgraders -- who might have been looking to reuse accessories from prior models. On the plus side, the move will give rise to a whole new series of accessories specifically made for the iPhone 5. And this means all new add-on revenues for resellers.

There also will be an adapter, but there's no word on whether Apple will include it with the new model. It had been known since as early as this February report that Apple would be switching from the 30-pin legacy dock port (and the accompanying cottage industry), in part to make room for a bigger battery, extra radios or other iPhone components.

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