The 7 Coolest Features Of The Apple iPhone 5

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Case And Cameras

The new iPhone will do away with the previous iPhone's beautiful yet ridiculous glass back panel. iPhone 5 will be ensconced in metal, as it should have been from the start. The all-metal case will offer more protection for the display glass.

As in the 4S, the iPhone 5 will include an 8MP rear camera, but it adds a dynamic smart filtering for better performance in low-light situations, a sapphire crystal lens protector for clearer shots, and support for panoramic pictures encompassing 28MP in total. The software now can shoot stills while also shooting video, and a new 1,080p front camera means that both cameras are now HD capable. There are now three mics (bottom, front and back) instead of just two, and the internal speaker now has five magnets (up from two). A new noise-canceling earpiece is part of the improved headset that's also included.

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