Inside Apple's iPhone 5: Product Teardown

Procs And Comms

The largest component on the front side of the communications board is Apple's new A6 processor, which doubles the number of application cores (to four), yet at $17.50, it costs just $2.50 more than that of the iPhone 4S' processor. But, we'll discuss more on the A6 later. Moving left, the blue-colored part is the Qualcomm MDM9615 4G LTE radio, and the green chip next to that is Qualcomm's RTR8600 GSM/CDMA 3G part, which also handles some LTE duties. Together these two parts cost $34 compared with $23.50 for the non-LTE 4S. Other components shown include a touchscreen controller from TI (purple), Broadcom's touchpad chip (orange) and STMicroelectonics' three-axis accelerometer.

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