Head To Head: Apple iPhone 5 Vs. Samsung Galaxy S III

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Android has come a long way, and Samsung has added a number of features to the Galaxy S III to help it along. There's the gimmicky S Voice for speaking commands, the useful S Beam for document sharing and the downright creepy Smart Stay, which uses the phone's front-facing camera to track your eyes and decide whether to keep the screen on. Android's app ecosystem, Google Play, has exploded in popularity and makes finding apps easy. Apple's App Store has far more apps, but they're sometimes hard to put your finger on.

In the corner opposite Android is iOS. It's stable. It's intuitive. It works seamlessly with the desktop and the enterprise. Love or hate it, you have to respect its functionality, slick integration with social networks and enormous app store ecosystem -- probably the best out there. iOS continues to push the limits of what smartphones are capable of. And, iOS came first.

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