The 10 Coolest Tablets Of 2012

2. Samsung Galaxy Tab 2

Samsung has established itself as the top Android tablet maker in the market, and it's easy to see why. The second generation of Samsung's Galaxy Tab offers some key improvements to the original Galaxy Tab. The biggest change is the addition of a microSD card slot for up to 32 GB of extra storage. Another new feature is the device's infrared emitter, which can turn the Galaxy Tab 2 (both the 10.1-inch and the 7-inch models) into a touchscreen remote control for a variety of home electronics. While the second generation tablet is slightly thicker and heavier than the original Galaxy Tab, this Android 4.0-powered tablet is still a formidable competitor in the tablet PC market. (For more, check out the CRN Test Center video review of the Galaxy Tab 2 7.0-inch model.)


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