Head-To-Head: Apple iPad Mini Vs. Samsung Galaxy Note II

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Here comes the true line in the sand, and where Samsung puts the "ph" in phablet. The cellular connectivity of the Galaxy Note II includes phone functionality as well as LTE data services. The iPad mini is only offered with cellular data, not that we imagine many of you are wishing you could talk on the nigh 8-inch device. There is a key advantage for Apple though; the Note II has no Wi-Fi-only variant. It's with cellular or not at all. The Note II with 16 GB of storage costs $300 on contract at any of the four national carriers (except T-Mobile's inexplicable $379), and its off-contract price is a steep $800.

This cellular difference factors in with price as well. The iPad mini ranges in price from $329 for a 16-GB Wi-Fi model (add $100 for each storage tier), all the way up to $659 for the 64 GB with LTE data functionality (subtract $100 for each storage tier with LTE data). In other words, Samsung's device starts at $300 with Wi-Fi, cellular and LTE radios; Apple's starts at $459 with the same.

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