Head-To-Head: Apple iPad Mini Vs. Samsung Galaxy Note II

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Cameras on tablets have always trended toward the ridiculous. While they might come in handy for scanning QR codes and the occasional receipt for an AR app, tablet cameras are almost always mediocre. That continues with the iPad mini. The mini has a 5-MP camera that barely meets quota in today's fast-moving world of specs. The much-touted Panorama software of iOS 6 is missing here, as is HDR mode, but happily, 1080p video capture did make the cut.

The 8-MP sensor on the Note II is a higher-quality snapper, capturing clear pictures in the outdoors. But like many smartphone cameras, it struggles indoors and in low-light conditions. The Galaxy Note II does have a panorama mode as well as the innovative Best Face feature demonstrated here. We'd call cameras a toss-up.

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