Head-To-Head: Apple iPad Mini Vs. Samsung Galaxy Note II

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Small Tablet Wars

It may seem like the Odd Couple at first, but upon further examination, maybe it isn't. Apple's iPad Mini and Samsung's Galaxy Note II occupy something of a middle ground in their respective company lineups. The iPad mini lives in the mid-way point between the iPhone 5 and the full-size iPad. The Galaxy Note II operates in the "phablet" product category its predecessor, the Galaxy Note, helped to coin. It's clear that both these products are blends, so to speak, of their brothers in arms. It's what each takes from its siblings that makes the products interesting.

It's a rare battle in today's mobile market that we see more that's different than the same. Here, we will be taking a close look at those differences: Will it be the cellular-enabled Korean phablet, or the diminutive Cupertino tablet? Read on to decide who wins in the Galaxy Note II vs. iPad mini battle.

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