The 10 Coolest Laptops Of 2012

1. Lenovo X1 Carbon

Before Lenovo acquired ThinkPad from IBM, its line of distinctive laptops was known as innovative, rugged and reliable. The X1 Carbon is evidence that Lenovo has retained that prestige and innovative spirit. This beautiful Ultrabook is the lightest, most powerful laptop we've ever held. Weighing just under 3 pounds is a 14-inch, 1,600-x-900 pixel laptop powered by an Intel Core i5 (3427U) processor running Windows 7 (or 8) Professional at 1.8GHz on up to 8 GB of 1333MHz DDR3L memory. At just 0.71 inches thin, this deceptively air unit is anything but delicate. How did they do that? Well, part of the secret's in the name. Like a stealth fighter jet, the X1 Carbon is shrouded in super-strong, super-light carbon-fiber "roll cage," for protection from shock. The extra-large glass-covered touchpad is highly sensitive and super comfortable. The bright, crisp screen puts out 300 nits, and a handsome backlit keyboard keeps the action going day or night. Dedicated buttons control speaker volume and mic mute and link to Lenovo's custom app launcher. With DisplayPort, card reader, and SuperSpeed USB ports, the X1 Carbon is one cool Ultrabook.

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