Head-To-Head: Apple iPad Vs. Apple iPad Mini

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Officially known as the iPad with Retina display, the larger iPad's higher-end status begins to show itself at the very first glance. The 10.1-inch Retina display with its 2,048-x-1,536 resolution is frankly incredible. At 264 pixels per inch, its detail pops off of the screen. Such resolution makes professional-level work possible using powerful software like Adobe Photoshop Touch (which also runs on the mini, but pales in comparison).

By contrast, the mini's 1,024 x 768 appears ho-hum. When figuring for the 7.9-inch screen, its resolution calculates to a paltry 163 ppi. This might make photo editing a bit more difficult, but it's adequate for Web and media consumption. In fact, for everyday tasks, the mini's screen is perfectly serviceable and comparable to most competitive tablets in the 7-inch class.

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