CES 2013: 8 All-In-One Products That Pack A Punch

Sony Vaio L24

The Vaio L24 is already on the market, but that doesn't keep it from being one of the more attractive all-in-ones on the shelves. The touch-enabled, 1080p panel looks great as a Windows 8 display and as a television. Yes, a television, because Sony brings along an HDTV tuner as well as an HDMI input for set-top boxes or game consoles. Beyond that, Sony has been busy building apps that will be exclusive to its Windows 8 and Android devices. One acts like a cork board that allows family members to post notes for each other. Another acts as a scheduler for various family members. It's a stylish design and offers thoughtful post-launch support that earns the L24 its place on this list.

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