Head-To-Head: HTC 8X Vs. Apple iPhone 5

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The 8X's camera is a respectable 8MP shooter that is serviceable in every respect. It lacks the special features of the Lumia 920 and the stellar quality of the iPhone 5, but it's a strong shooter. The tone of mediocrity in this text is more a testament to how spoiled we are rather than any true fault in the 8X. The only neat photography feature on the 8X is actually on the front-facing camera. The 8X's 2.1MP front shooter module has a wide-angle lens that makes Skype or quick group photos a much better experience than on most.

It's a pyrrhic victory for HTC to have the better of the two front-facing cameras though. The 8MP shooter on the rear of the iPhone 5 outclasses that of the 8X. The fact of the matter is the rear camera is the more important one. Point to Cupertino.

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