Head-To-Head: HTC 8X Vs. Apple iPhone 5

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Apple Cracks Appear

HTC, despite declining revenues and profits, has had a banner year in terms of design. Its Android flagship, the One X, is gorgeous, and its 8X Windows Phone flagship that followed is even more attractive. Good industrial design counts for plenty, but HTC hasn't thrown as much weight at Windows Phone as Nokia. HTC has one big advantage though: They have deep carrier relationships that have helped the 8X penetrate many markets in the U.S.

Today, HTC is lining up against the Cupertino giant, Apple. Despite recent setbacks, the iPhone 5 helped Apple report a record first quarter and has proven the enduring popularity of the brand. But, waning iPhone demand has created a possible opening. Does the 8X stand a chance? Read on to see which device wins in the head-to-head battle: HTC 8X vs. Apple iPhone 5.

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