Head-to-Head: BlackBerry Z10 vs. Apple iPhone 5


Until HTC's 8X came around, few major devices even came close to the iPhone 5 in terms of pixels per inch; Apple's Retina set the pixel-density bar high pretty high. But others have caught up, and iPhone 5 has nothing on the BlackBerry Z10 ppi-wise. The all-touch BlackBerry faces life with a 4.2-inch panel putting out 1,280 x 768, which calculates to an eye-popping 355 ppi (355.4, to be exact, which does not round to 356, as reported elsewhere). By comparison, the new 4-inch Retina display on the iPhone 5 puts out 1,136 x 640, or 326 ppi, and the 1,280 x 720 panel of the HTC 8X falls in between, at 342 ppi. All certainly good, but more pixels mean more resolution and less jaggies. Both use hardened glass. By the way, contrary to other media reports, the Z10 is not the first touch-sensitive BlackBerry. A model called the Torch came first, but it never got hot.

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