10 Helpful Apps For Tax Season

H&R Block Tax Central 1040EZ for Android and iOS

When it comes to filing taxes, "convenient" isn't a word that comes readily to mind. However, H&R Block Tax Central for Android and iOS lets a user conveniently file a 1040EZ federal and state tax return right from a mobile device. Developed by tax services provider H&R Block Tax Group, this app makes filing taxes easy. Once opened, a set of questions determines whether a user qualifies for filing a 1040EZ and then, without having to retype personal information, a filled-out W-2 can be automatically imported or a picture of the W-2 taken with a smartphone's camera can be imported instead. The data is then automatically reviewed for errors/omissions. H&R Block Tax Central also offers free audit support from an enrolled agent. While it is free to download, it costs $9.99 to file and an additional $4.99 to use Smart Import.

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