10 Helpful Apps For Tax Season

TurboTax SnapTax For Android, iOS

With TurboTax SnapTax for Android and iOS, tax filing can be more quick and less painless. Created by tax-preparation software developer Intuit, this app uses the snap of a camera to enter W-2 data effortlessly and instantaneously. After answering a couple of personal questions, the app reviews the imported information. Once that is completed, federal and state taxes are ready to be filed. This app supports not only W-2 income, but interest income (1099-INT), unemployment income (1099-G) and student loan interest (1098-E) as well. A user also can report and receive tax breaks for dependent child care and calculate earned income tax credit. This app also provides a detailed FAQ to address concerns and offers support from professionals via live chat or via the phone. This app is free to download but the in-app purchase to file state and federal taxes costs $24.99.

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