Head-To-Head: Samsung Galaxy S4 Vs. Galaxy S3


The Galaxy S4 delivers full 1,920-x-1,080 HD resolution on a 5-inch LED. After doing the math on Sven's pixel counter page, that calculates to a dazzling 441 dots-per-inch, the best in the business. Though impressive at its release (and still quite nice), the Galaxy S3's resolution at 1,280 x 720 is comparatively sparse. With the its 4.8-inch glass coming in at 306, a dot pitch shy of the S4's, the S3 is left in the dust. The S4 has a bright and beautiful display that's super-sensitive to the touch and crisp and clear to the eye. No jaggies here; just smooth lines and lots of "wow" factor. The Galaxy S4 protects its LED panel with Corning's latest Gorilla Glass 3; the Galaxy S3 includes Gorilla Glass 2.

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